Solar Panels for Homes in Sacramento, CA, and throughout Northern California

Solar Panels Sacramento CAPremium solar panels can help homeowners in the Sacramento, California, area become more environmentally friendly and allow them to save money on monthly energy costs. For high-quality solar panels, look no further than California Sunrooms. We sell and install solar technologies that will help you take control of the energy costs in your home. Once you begin to reap the benefits of having this technology at your residence, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have these panels installed sooner.

You have most likely heard about solar panels before, but perhaps you’re wondering exactly how they work. The type of solar technology we offer at California Sunrooms functions in the following way, once the panels are installed on your property in Sacramento, CA:

  • UV rays from the sun are collected by the panels
  • These panels use the UV rays to produce a direct current (DC) that is then converted into an alternating current (AC) using an inverter box
  • Once this conversion occurs, appliances in the home can now be used, with a switch protecting against grid fluctuations
  • If any excess solar power exists, your meter will run backward (instead of forward, as it does when using AC power in your home) and you’ll begin building a credit with your utility company
  • Your minimized usage of electricity will register with your utility company

At California Sunrooms, our expert technicians are able to install solar panels on the roof of your home or another structure on your property so that you can use solar energy to save what can add up to be thousands of dollars a year; never again will you fall victim to the constantly increasing costs of electricity.

In addition to saving money on your monthly energy bill, having solar panels installed at your residence makes you eligible for a tax credit. You’ll also add equity to your home, since this type of upgrade is highly valued.

To learn more about the solar panels we install for homes in the Sacramento, CA, area, contact California Sunrooms today. Don’t forget to ask about our outstanding financing offers available to qualified homeowners.